Our Litters

06 January 2022


Roccobarocco Qadhi X Tanalorn Isolde of Flying P

Tanalorn Mr. Qasim

Tanalorn Mr. Quade

Tanalorn Mr. Quint

Tanalorn Mr. Quinnton

Tanalorn Mr. Que

Tanalorn Mr. Quillon

Tanalorn Ms. Quenna

Tanalorn Ms. Queenin

18, marts 2021


Jineau Off-Icer X Tanalorn Isolde of Flying P

Tanalorn Valter the Officer

Tanalorn Rocco the Offiver

Tanalorn Oona the Officer

Tanalorn Duffy the Officer

21. januar 2019


Jineau Off-Icer X Windmeister's Heavenly Holiday

Tanalorn Calum Off-Icer

Tanalorn Dillon Off-Icer

Tanalorn Druce Off-Icer

Tanalorn Finnbar Off-Icer

Tanalorn Kendall Off-Icer

Tanalorn Ea Off-Icer

Tanalorn Joyce Off-Icer

21. august 2018


Linea's Hope for a New Panther X Frontrunner's Univers Love

Tanalorn Angus of a New Panther

Tanalorn Elliot of a New Panther

Tanalorn Logan of a New Panther

Tanalorn Phelan of a New Panther

Tanalorn Quinn of a New Panther

Tanalorn Bertha of a New Panther


9.April 2017


Frontrunner's Rue Pascal X Frontrunners Univers Love

Tanalon Darcy of Flying P

Tanalon Diva of Flying P

Tanalon Isolde of Flying P

Tanalon Nara of Flying P

Tanalon Owen of Flying P

Tanalon Turi of Flying P


5. August 2016


Frontrunner's Rue Pascal X Tanalorn Top Lovely Bree

Tanalorn Peter the One and Only


14. june 2015


Betty Barkley Knock Out X Tanalorn Top Lovely Bree

Tanalorn Merlyn Knock Out

Tanalorn Druce Knock Out

Tanalorn Kelvin Knock Out

Tanalorn Selma Knock Out

Tanalorn Gilda Knock Out


2. september 2014


DKCH SLCH INTCH Multi CH Frontrunner's Rue Pascal X Tanalorn Flying Bonnie

Tanalorn Ward of Rue Pascal

Tanalorn Hogan of Rue Pascal

Tanalorn Louie of Rue Pascal

Tanalorn Aleen of Rue Pascal

Tanalorn Nessa of Rue Pascal

Tanalorn Keela of Rue Pascal

Tanalorn Neala of Rue Pascal


5. Maj 2012


DKCH Top Lover Du Haras D'helios x Tanalorn Flying Bonnie

Tanalorn Top Lover Darran Monty

Tanalorn Top Lover Artan

Tanalorn Top Lover Clyde

Tanalorn Top Lovely Bree

Tanalorn Top Lovely  Keely

Tanalorn Top Lovely Caitlyn

Tanalorn Top Lovely Glenda

Tanalorn Top Lovely Kara


21. august 2009


DKCH Sea Leopard's Odakota X Jesterland Great Expectation

Tanalorn Flying Aungust

Tanalorn Flying Camden

Tanalorn Flying Dempse

Tanalorn Flying Egan

Tanalorn Flying Fagan

Tanalorn Flying Keefe

Tanalorn Flying Nolan

Tanalorn Flying Phelan

Tanalorn Flying Bryan

Tanalorn Flying Arian

Tanalorn Flying Bidela

Tanalorn Flying Bonnie


9. januar 2008


Coastwinds Rider Lukas X Oldkins Dove Wings

Tanalorn Kellan

Tanalorn Gilroy

Tanalorn Beacan

Tanalorn Taralee The Oldkins

Tanalorn Declan